Owner: John Shalbey, Jr.

Second generation operator John Shalbey, Jr. owns and operates four diverse sites. His Route 1 Norwood location is the largest of the four on three acres with corner lot access off a divided highway. It features two currently PDQ IBA’s, a mix of Sonny’s and Peco in the tunnel, DRB controls and POS and 16 Vacutech vac spots for members or customers with the purchase of a wash. The site also boasts five Carolina Pride self-serve bays and a fueling station with truck lanes and a convenience store. In 2021, he raised the fueling station and installed central vacs. In 2023, the self-serve equipment was updated.

The Walpole location, one of his newer sites, is an eye-catching express wash with free vacs for members and single wash customers. The tunnel is on 1.5 acres, is a corner lot parcel and also sits on a divided highway. The Peco-equipped tunnel boasts an AVW belt, a full suite of DRB controls including its LPR and Fastpass and is housed in a Modernwash building with AutoVac vacuums.

His other two sites include a wash on Dean Street in Norwood, a traditional full serve with complete detailing services. This site has Peco equipment and the full suite of DRB hardware and software. This site also has an express only lane that is handled by a DRB xpt.

His fourth location is in Wareham and mirrors his Walpole wash. It is also on a corner lot on a non-divided highway. The only difference is that this site features Vacutech vacuums.